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    Blues - Trad - Jazz - Classical

    If it's got a harmonica in it I can teach you how to play it. I've been teaching harmonica for over 20 years. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned professional I can offer you tailored lessons to suit you. In ANY style. I teach both Chromatic, and Diatonic harmonicas (and occasionally Tremolo). Check out some of the performances below to hear some of my students in action.

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    Fingerstyle, Blues, Rock and Pop Acoustic

    I've been teaching guitar almost as long as the harmonica. I specialise in acoustic, fingerstyle, blues, and rock guitar. If needs be, I can also fake a little jazz, and maybe even a little Black Sabbath if you're so inclined. Grade Exams are available through Trinity College London - Plectrum Guitar Syllabus.

  • Student Performances

    James Donnelly playing Bach's Air on the G String

    Richard Hayes performs Steady by Jerry McCain

  • BIO

    Michael McInerney

    Teacher. Coffee Drinker. Occasional Performer. Star Wars Fan. Sometime Composer.

    Michael McInerney has been playing the harmonica for over 30 years and is currently Ireland's most experienced teacher having been, since starting at Waltons New School of Music in 1995, the only full time harmonica teacher in the country. Being one of the few players to be equally proficient on both Chromatic and Diatonic harmonicas allows for a remarkable versatility in both his playing and teaching.


    While primarily a Blues and Jazz player he is as adept with the Classical repetoire as he is with Traditional Irish Music, Folk and Rock and Pop. He is also an experienced harmonica customiser and repairer with an extensive knowledge of alternate tunings and their use in different styles of playing. He has mastered the advanced technique of 'over bends' through his studies of Howard Levy and the great jazz players.


    Like a lot of players Michael is almost entirely self-taught, however, from 2002 to 2004 he studied at Newpark Music Centre where he was awarded an LGSM (P), DipJazz from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama making him the first person to be awarded a 3rd level qualification in Ireland on the harmonica.


    Michael has composed and performed a range of music for a number of theatre productions, and as a session musician he has recorded for both film and television. He has performed with The RTE Concert Orchestra, Don Baker, Richard Hunter, Brendan Power, and Mick Kinsella to name a few. In addition he has facilitated workshops introducing the harmonica to children in The Ark, and lectured on Blues History and Appreciation in Adult Education at UCD.


    Over the years Michael has collected an extensive library of recordings and books, including many of his own meticulous transcriptions, and in 2010 to make it easier for his students to access this matierial he opened his own teaching studio: Blue Third Music.


    As well as Blue Third, and Waltons, Michael also currently teaches Traditional Irish Music on harmonica in Ceoltoiri Chluain Tarbh, and in Visionaries School of the Arts – a school for the blind and visually impaired. Michael is also an accomplished guitarist specialising mainly in acoustic fingertsyle, blues, and slide guitar. In addition to his Jazz Diploma he also holds a B.A. in English and Philosophy from NUI Maynooth, and a Diploma in Drama Studies, and an M.A. in Modern Drama from UCD.

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    123 Bracken Hill
    Dublin 18
    Online Lessons Available Tuesday through Saturday. Email below for availability.
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